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Solar-wave desalter

[Category : - HEALTH- Life-saving; Fire-fighting- RENEWABLE ENERGY]
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Solar mini plants for desalinating water by HDH method are undervalued now. Problems are only in reducing the cost of plant, an ability to work without electricity, absence of maintenance and in solving problems of salt scale. Then the problem of the efficiency of the process becomes unimportant.
As more air stream passes through plant, the more fresh water you receive. Because each cubic meter of damp hot air with temperature 80 ºС when cool-down to 30 ºС gives 0,25 liters of fresh water. Process consists of broaching the maximum possible amount of atmospheric air through the surface distributed heater-humidifier (900 W/m2 and more) heated by the tropic sun and then cooling it by a natural way with falling dew.
In cheapest version of heater-humidifier the tubes (even flexible thin-walled plastic) laid on the ground, filled with black sand and covered with a transparent film, and the airflow is provided by overturned barrel with sea wave as piston. The air flow enters through the proportioner and captures itself the required amount of water for evaporation.
The problem of a salt scale also is solved. Thus solar-wave desalter gives about 10 liters of water per hour by one barrel. Thereafter 20 empty barrels will give 1 ton of water per a day.
Such solar-wave desalter should be used at sea coast where average solar radiation is 900 W/m2 and more, for example, in Kenya, Somalia, Yemen etc.

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