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Condom Packaging and Donning Method/First New Design in 400 yrs

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The Invention Covered by 3 Patents Is A Completely
New Packaging And Method Of Donning A Condom

Condoms have been in use for more than 400 years with virtually no change in the method of putting a condom on. Until now, the rolled-up condom, that requires one to handle the condom and unroll it into place, has been the only available method of donning a condom.

The old packaging method has the following negative factors:

1. The unrolling method results in contamination of the condom by whatever unwanted contaminates exist on the hands and surroundings of the individuals handling the condom.

2. The individuals handling the unrolling procedure are often turned-off by the process, especially when lubricants are present that are unpleasant to the touch or smell.

3. The time it takes to complete the donning process sometimes results in the loss of “the mood”.

4. Some individuals, especially those with afflictions affecting the use of the hands and fingers, notably seniors (who have an alarming rate of sexually transmitted diseases), are sometimes unable to don the condom in that usual way.

5. The process for some seems too involved and a condom is therefore just not used.

These negative factors of the old condom design lead to the following unwanted results:

1. Less Use of condoms than if he negative factors did not exist.

2. Greater Risk of infection if the condom is used.

3. Much Greater Risk of infection and pregnancy if the condom is not used.

4. Increased Population.

This New Patented Condom Packaging Method Reduces
Or Eliminates Each of These Negative Factors

This Is How It Works:

The condom is mostly flat (instead of rolled-up) in a rectangular package and, when you tear off both short ends of the package, and you squeeze the long sides of the package together, the opening into the condom at the one end of the package forms a circular opening and you then just slip the condom on and peel away the rest of the package from around the sides.

In more technical terms: The condom flange is attached to the packaging material and squeezing the side edges of the packaging material causes the packaging material and an open end of the condom to form a substantially cylindrical cross section, the expansion member providing rigidity and being configured to aid in formation of the substantially cylindrical cross section.

It Sounds Simple And Easy - And It Is!

Not only is it simple, fast and easy, but the packaging method also provides for other aspects to lessen the ability of the condom to accidentally slip off while in use. In addition, the packaging can be configured for any size or style of condom.

According to the United Nations Population Fund, an estimated 14 billion male condoms are used each year and nearly 18 billion condoms are needed in low and middle-income countries. Simplifying the way a condom is donned in the manner of this new packaging design is certain to help increase the use of condoms in these countries and elsewhere.

Patent Nos. US 8,025,061 B2; US 7,802,575 B2; US 8,235,049 B2

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