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portable projection screen

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Improving Projection Screen (Display) Construction to Eliminate Ocular Muscle Fatigue
The information technology (ICT) now a day’s became a vital part of our daily life. Recently, in the civilized part of the planet, nothing cannot take place without the involvement of ICT’s elements. However, lack of full awareness about this new phenomena – ICT, we are facing some its negative impacts. Besides time wastage in unnecessary chatting through internet and criminals that take place with the help of these technologies, we should not neglect some problems that arose in the sphere of health issues. For instance, we have been witnessed that a 3rd year old child was hospitalized with a clinical diagnosis of mental stress, which was caused by computer games!
In Russia, we were initiated to study about the negative impacts of ICT. The same project we have launched in Ethiopia. Here we are studying how to comfort the usage of ICT elements in teaching-learning activities. In particular, we have worked out on how to accustom PowerPoint technique to improve transforming information during lecturing..
When we gave a biochemistry lecture for students with the help of LCD projection, we observe that students’ attention to follow the PowerPoint information is not exceeding more than 30 minutes. Among reasons for declination of students’ concentration is a physical factor – eyestrain (pain), whose outcomes is a mental retardation! We have hypothesized that the eye pain causes by the ocular muscle fatigue. It is obvious that during intensive physical works, for example in short runners (athletes) working muscles, instead of converting pyruvate to Acetyl CoA for further metabolism to give more energy, lactic acid molecules temporarily accumulated that leads to muscle fatigue.
Certainly, the same biological process may take place in the ocular muscles when they are in intense activity. Lecturing by using PowerPoint to display text content information forces to work not only students neck’s and shoulders’ muscles, but also their 6 eye’s muscles intensively working to:
a) move eyes up-down, right-left or left-right (in cause of Arabic language, etc), and
b) control the amount of light that enters to the eye
All these lead to muscle fatigue that causes mental tiredness - decreasing students’ attention.
Therefore, we had launched experimental study on volunteered university students and teachers to improve the Tripod Projection Screen’s construction that we use to display on an information. Consequently, based on the information (whether text or picture related) to be reflected on the projection screen from devices like LCD, we have
1. Studied and identified the convenient screen’s colors (background colors), and
2. Improving the stand’s structure of the screen that can eliminates keystone factors
3. Constructed a Projection Screen that minimizes all above mentioned factors

The invented portable projection screen is modified to be convinient for long using without eyestrain effect, and economically it is beneficial than other types of such screen!

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