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Universal scrub brush

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What is the Concept?
The name of the concept that the inventor has chosen is the “Universal Scrub Brush.” Mr. Holliday is open to the possibility of a name change but reserves final approval regarding the official name. Branding is important, of course, but the concept is the official foundation for the invention and any forthcoming applications to the invention. He has also proposed a slogan that he feels best represents “Universal Scrub Brush”, which states:

“If the scrubbing gets tough, grab a Universal Scrub Brush”!?

The inventor welcomes additional feedback on slogans/tag lines.

This revision idea is an adaptor to fit into any drill to do a better cleaning job and speed up the process of cleaning various surfaces. The drill mechanism would spin or speed up the cleaning process without damaging the applied area. The brush would be specially made to clean and clear specific textures and surfaces. In general, the invention consists of a drill bit having a brush-like surface extending radially of the fixed axis. The use of brushes for scrubbing, brushing, polishing, and general overall cleaning of soiled surfaces is well-known. Manual scrub brushes have been and continue to be popular as highly effective cleaning tools which are simple and basic in concept and generally inexpensive to manufacture. However, in order to assist in the cleaning process and alleviate the strenuous effort involved with manual scrubbing, handheld motor driven scrubbers have been developed.

Although powered scrubbing mechanisms help to relieve some of the arduous labor required in the cleaning process, there are clearly occasions during cleaning operations in which the application of pressure and force to remove stubborn embedded grime requires the use of the standard, manual brush.

Nevertheless, while there are numerous manual type scrub brushes and many powered scrubbing mechanisms, there has yet been developed a scrub brush implement which conveniently combines manual and powered cleaning elements in a single, efficient, lightweight cleaning tool which is compatible with existing power tools.

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Universal Scrub Brush
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