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There are over 300 million vehicles sold in the United States of America last year and over 25 million were sold with a moon or sun roof option, at an average cost of $1200 per unit resulting in $30 billion in sales.
A moon or sun roof is similar to our INVENTION in cost and estimated demand and therefore should generate similar sales. Over the life of our 20 year Patent, sales will total $600 billion.


I have a Patent Pending on a innovative vehicle option. The option is a Sun/Shade Visor that is mounted overhead. Just touch a button on the conveniently located Remote Control and the Sun/Shade Visor will move up/down or all around the operator's head, wherever the sun is, even if it's coming through the back window, you can block its harmful rays without raising a hand. If you are stopped at a signal and the Sun/Shade Visor is blocking your view of the left turn signal, just tap a switch on the remote and the Sun/Shade Visor will move just enough that you can see the left turn signal, but not the sun. If you are a passenger in the front seat and are disabled to the point that you are unable to adjust your Sun/Shade Visor, the driver can operate for you. You can keep grand mom (Nana) or granddad comfortable in the shade of the Sun/Shade Visor. We have road tested our prototype Sun/Shade Visor on the passenger's side and driver's side for over a year without any discrepancies.
I am 6'2” and drive a mid size car. I am most comfortable with the seat all the way back. When the glare and heat from the sun is coming through the left window and I have moved the standard visor to protect me, it does not extend back far enough. I must move the seat forward, but, then my knees are touching the dash. When the sun is coming from the right of the standard visor there is nothing I can do about the glare and heat. If I were a small person driving or a passenger, a standard sun visor is of little use. You occasionally see a vehicle with a towel or newspaper covering a window to protect someone from the glare and heat of the sun. A child or pet must just sit or lie there and suffer with the sun's glare and heat. There are many more disadvantages of a standard vehicle sun visor, as we all know.
The above may not happen if your vehicle was equipped with our REMOTE CONTROLLED SUN/SHADE VISOR.
Not too long ago, there were no electric windows, door locks, adjustable seats, side mirrors, trunk latches, sun roofs, cruise controls, or “REMOTE CONTROLLED SUN/SHADE VISOR'S”.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census:
. Worldwide there are 490,000,000 vehicles.
. 246,300,000 of them are in the U.S.
. U.S. Population is 303,900,000.
. 56,800,000 are disabled.

14,000,000 are disabled enough they have difficulty raising their arms without severe pain, not able to move their arms at all or have no hands or arms.
We should be able, financially, to furnish physically disabled veterans with a Sun/Shade Visor at no cost to them.
If only 10% of the 14,000,000 disabled persons purchase a Sun/Shade Visor, that's 1,400,000 units.
At a retail price of $1,200 per unit that comes to $1,680,000,000 over the 20 year patent life.
Most likely 10 years or so from now 75% of the vehicles sold in the U.S. Will have Sun/Shade Visors.
VW alone, sold over 10,000,000 vehicles last year. If 10% of all VW's sold were equipped with our Sun/Shade Visor that's 1,000,000 units sold per year.

Financial information

I am open to any reasonable offer. If you have an interest in acquiring my patent rights, investing or just getting involved in someway.

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