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new bicycle frame

[Category : - Biking]
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Bmb handlebar control unit. The idea is to take a bicycle handle/ handbar and equip it with all functions like: (Time clock, speedometer, sound system,(radio, USB, SD/M
MC, MP3, LCD Display/screen, speakers, DC port for charging, headphones port, Led lights, on and off switch for system) Hooter, Braje lights switches, charging ports, Bluetooth for cellphones, cup/waterbottle holder , Aerial for radio.) Compact everything/ product and electronic products in one unit/ box with multitudes of colors.

Bmb Bicycle frame with bicycle rims
Weightis an important factor when it comes to bicycle, thats why the BMB Bicycle Frame is moulded out of the light materials such as ( Aluminium, TI Carbon Fibro) or any other materials that is suitable for the BMB Bicycle Frame. BMB Bicycle has a stylish slim C-curved frame
with built-in head, tail and brake lights.

moulding tools will be also available, blueprint and layout of products, on both bicycles bmx and Mountain. That means that the products is ready for production.

Without moulding tools price for patent: 1,000,000.00 USD

For more information and to view prototype kindly contact me on +27715337189
email: [Use the button below to contact me]

warning: this patent is iSA AT (Austria) international searching authority.

Financial information

I am looking for an outright sale.

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