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Convertible & Adjustable Swimwear

[Category : - Beauty, clothes & personal articles]
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This invention is a Utility Patent.

It allows the user to quickly change their look from a one piece to a high waist or a bikini and anywhere in between instantly.

The bottoms quickly fold/roll up or down to create the look desired fast. These swimsuits are all inclusive so there are no extra pieces to attach or store.
A great benefit is that there are no removable parts to lose at the beach, pool, water park.

Here is a description from the first Patent. The second Patent is without the fasteners.
Convertible swimwear comprising a top piece and extendable bottom piece the top piece having a plurality of fasteners along the lower portion thereof and the extendable bottom piece having a plurality of corresponding fasteners along the upper edge thereof to be releasably secured to the fasteners on the lower portion of the top piece. The position of the fasteners may be reversed. The bottom piece further includes a string component secured on the upper edge of the bottom piece, where upon releasing of the respective fasteners the string component is pulled away from the lower edge of the bottom piece bringing the upper edge of the bottom piece substantially close to said lower edge of the bottom piece and thereby rolling, folding or scrunching the upper edge of the bottom piece to effectively convert a one piece to two piece style bathing suit. The top piece further includes a cover flap to conceal the fasteners on each respective piece.

Financial information

This is a Utility Patent.

We also have a Trademark and a website.

They have been professionally manufactured.
We have the patterns to several styles, including the regular bottom, skirted and sporty shorts bottoms.
We also have several style tops.

We would be willing to entertain a license agrement with royalities or an outright sale of the patent.

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