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Hydroforming device and method

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- Employs a method of maintaining uniform temperature distribution within a hydroformed part and die via a novel submerged fluid technique thereby promoting improved product geometry and the hydroforming of more difficult lightweight alloys, such as aluminum and magnesium. This energy-saving method simplifies die heating by eliminating the need for electric die heaters. This invention improves the formability of lightweight alloys such as aluminum and magnesium by forming at elevated temperatures.

- Markets include the hydroforming of tube and sheet materials, particularly in the automotive market promoting the light-weighting of automotive components as well as materials characterization, such as bi-axial bulge testing among others.

Financial information

- I am a registered professional engineer who designed, developed and patented this novel product. I desire to identify a buyer for an outright sale of the patent..

- Market target and potential is primarily manufacturing with particular application to the automotive industry in light-weighting automotive vehicles.. Additional manufacturing markets include sheet and tube products.

- Patented. See pictures and website.

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