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The garage door reinvented!

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Store-n-Door is a revolutionary new garage door that saves ceiling space by stacking vertically instead of laying flat when it is in the open position. This innovative design reclaims 9 feet of ceiling space making room for our new overhead storage system or just providing for a clean, modern and open look that results in a very aesthetically pleasing overall garage space.

Technically, here is how the abstract on my patent describes this invention:
"A vertical lift, self-storing door system includes a plurality of panels supported by a first and a second single track guide rail which engages guide rollers associated with the panels. The guide rail has a vertical segment which defines a closed position of the door and a horizontal segment which defines an open, storage position for the door. When the door is closed, the individual panels are stacked in an edge-to-edge relationship so that their front faces are coplanar. When the door is in an open position, the panels hang vertically from the guide rails in a spaced apart, generally plane parallel relationship with regard to their front and rear faces. Bevels in the top and bottom edges of the panels accommodate panel motion and ensure a tight seal when the door is in a closed position, and these bevels may include connecting features such as notches or tabs."

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