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Light Shield - Drive safely when cabin light is on.

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Advertising methods- Baby products]
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There are two amazing parts to this invention.

Part 1

Light Shield is a safety accessory which prevents drivers from being distracted by the interior cabin light when it is turned on. It attaches to the central interior light within seconds and blocks it from distracting the driver so they can drive safely. It is also fully removable in seconds.

It has the added benefit of allowing children to purposefully turn the light on when fitted so they can eat their food, read books or play with their toys, creating a stress free environment when driving with kids.

Light Shield also allows mothers assisting infants in the back seat to provide the love and care they need whilst they are sitting in the back without the usual friction with the driver. Some infants are afraid of the dark and this helps parents solve that problem too.

Part 2

Light Shield also acts is a great advertising product as it provides a large amount of space for companies to put their business card, or company image on it. Great potential for licensing agreements as people love images of their favourite things on stuff. When fitted it can also provide a great advertisement area inside cars. Great application for taxis etc.

I had every intention of marketing this product but a sudden change in my health does not allow me to take this journey anymore. It is a simple, cheap and very useful item with an enormous potential to make money worldwide. I see a home for it in camping/fishing, auto accessory 4WD and baby shops just for starters.

I have an Australian Provisional Patent which is in the process of being submitted as a global patent. Please contact me if you are interested.

Financial information

I am looking for any of the following:

- Partner(s) who can take some of the burden from me time wise and financially. (due to health reasons) Must realise full potential of this idea globally.

- Outright Sale

- Royalty agreement

Market Potential:

This product has been designed to fit 99% of vehicles with a central interior cabin light.

Any parent who owns a vehicle and has kids under 18 will be interested in this product. The product is also much more of a necessity in places like Northern Europe and America where days are shorter and therefore need for its effect increases.

Anyone looking for a novel gift idea. Great, new, affordable gift.

Commercial vehicle advertising. Taxis worldwide could advertise or use it as a billboard for their car. Can make money for car owner.

Promotional giveaway. This fits millions and millions of new and used vehicles and due to its cost can be used as a promotional giveaway item with car sales. Also a great promotional giveaway for any car associated business looking to leave a lasting impression on customers or provide a smaller product as an incentive item to give salesmen the edge over the competition.

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