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[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS- Audio - Video]
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An audio amplifier having a variably configurable housing, which may be mounted to an interior surface of a motor vehicle. The housing is formed in two complementing housing sections mutually joined by a hinge, tether, or other connector. A power supply is contained in one housing section and an audio output module is contained in the other housing section. The power supply and audio output module may be connected by flexible signal conductors to accommodate pivot of the two housing sections relative to one another. A heat sink comprising cooling fins and communications and power terminals may be disposed on the exterior of the housing sections to enable conventional connection to an associated audio system. The hinge may incorporate a fixing element which releasably holds the two housing sections at a selected degree of pivot.

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Having established in your mind what this patent is - a car amplifier which can be mechanically manipulated to fit different physical space restrictions & limitations; in other words, the amplifiers physical structure can be adjusted/changed/configured to fit either a rectangular, square or rounded space, by moving the two parts away from each other, at various increments from 0~90 degrees.
This above paragraph (introduction) explains the physical/mechanical benefits of using this design; but there is also tremendous electrical advantages gained by utilizing this design; some are in acoustical performance, efficiency and longevity.
These benefits or advantages are realized mainly because of the following: (a) with the power supply section being housed in a separate section and physically away from the audio processing areas, improved performance in essential characteristics such as distortion, channel separation, damping factor, frequency response and signal to noise ratios (to name a few); are realized. (b) with the power supply section being physically isolated (in a different area), there is a 15% increase in efficiency, higher isolation, better regulation greater stability.

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