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Solarization of steam generation cycle water desalination

[Category : - RENEWABLE ENERGY- Pumps]
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Today, using the renewable energies instead of fossil fuels is from amongst the most important needs of the mankind. In this project, solar energy as new energies has been used instead of fossil fuel. Also in this method, while generating steam for the consumption of the steam turbines, producing fresh water through water distilling systems is also possible.

Some of the advantages of this project:
1. Producing cheap energy.
2. No environmental contamination.
3. Producing cheap drinking and industrial water.
4. Generating superheat steam (> 300 Degrees Celsius).

Financial information

- Decreasing fuel consumptions and fuel supply and storage costs.
- Decreasing fresh water production costs.
- Preventing interruption in fresh water production cycle.
- Decreasing the plants vulnerability potential.
- Decreasing greenhouse harmful gases effects.
- Preventing onshore environmental contaminations.
- Preventing produced water contamination due to oil products leakage.
- Ability to produce fresh water by water distillers under lack of fuel conditions during the day.
- Producing fresh water with low conductivity by using multi-stage distillation method using clean and renewable fuel.
- Ability to control level of steam generated in the collectors.

- Installable on machines under manufacturing.
- Compatible and installable with manufactured MED, MSF machines.
- Applicable in industries requiring saturated compressed steam and hot steam like rubber manufacturing and paper producing industries.
- Ability to generate high temperature saturated steams considering the relevant needs.
- Ability to replace production cycle instead of water with low conductivity by using heat oils in collector rotating cycle and heat exchanger.
- Ability to produce 24/7 and/or increasing production capability by adding electrical boiler to the steam cycle while considering the solarization, the needed energy for the boiler is provided from photovoltaic cell.
- Existence of bypass collectors to supply the needed energy under emergency conditions such as existence of cloud or a damaged part of the production line.
- Increasing production maximum during the day and replacing solar energy using fossil fuel boilers in units with higher nominal capacity

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