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[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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A device has two shell-like components (1, 2) and a lock (3) which locks the connection of the closed shell-like components (1, 2), whereby these encircle at least a part of a knob (4) with a button (6), especially in case of an automatic gear. The shell-like component (1) on the side of the button (6) has an inner shape adjacently corresponding to an outer shape of the knob (4) and there is a space between the inside of the shell-like component (1) and the button (6). The shell-like components (1, 2) are connected by a connecting shaft (7), which allows for a mutual axially limited shift of the shell-like components (1, 2) away from each other and a mutual rotation of displaced shell-like components (1, 2) around the axis of the shaft (7). When locking, the shell-like components (1, 2) firstly rotate and then move when unlocking, it is other way around. Doing so creates a sufficient space for mounting and removing of the device and it is possible to create tightly adjacent surfaces of the shell-like components (1, 2). We are also on youtube : Link

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