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[Category : - Fishing and hunting]
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Flex-Jig Offers an innovative Fishing Experience
- Entices predator foraging, attraction, and reaction strikes
- Provides multiple fishhook types, styles and sizes
- option of inline swival allows 360 degree spinning motion
- Supports inter-changeable spinner blade
-Targets individual species of fish and environmental conditions
Enhances the anglers fishing experience.

Flex-Jig's Patent Design
- A flexible shank attached to a jig-head on one end and a fishhook on the other end
- The flexible shank allows a minnow to swim or dart from side to side or up and down, appearing in a natural state and enticing a predator to strike uses high carbon steel for ultra-sharp fishhooks
- The only jig that supports multiple fishhooks and multiple jig-head sizes
- Unlimited combinations of terminal tackle such as; spinners, blades, beads, skirts, turbo spinners, etc. can be added to create reaction strikes

Flex-Jig offers Exceptional construction
- High carbon steel fishhooks that are surgically sharpened and chemically treated to provide / deliver the sharpest point
* reduces the amount of physical pressure needed to set the fishhook - reducing the chance of dislodging
* eliminates bending, dulling, and rusting frequently experienced with other jigs on the market
-Flexible shank made of monofilament line, which prevents rusting, deforming and other limitations associated with steel shanks
- Combination of high carbon steel fishhook and flexible shank;
* increases ability to snag the inner part of the fish's mouth, ensuring a hook-set
* improves strike to catch ratio

Flex-Jig Design Targets Both Species and Environment
- Package specific suggestion for each Flex-Jig is detail
* species of fish
* environmental conditions such as; color of water, weeds, depth, current
* fishing style such as; vertical jigging, horizontal rip jigging, slow troll

Flex-Jig Delivers Results
- Increase number of strikes
- Increase strike to catch ratio
- Intensifies fishing experience

The Question - does it work?
- Yes! over the last three years I've caught hundreds fish of different species
- May 23 2015 I caught 7 walleyes and one sauger.
- May 24 2015 I caught 9 sauger and one walleye
- May 25 2015 I caught 5 walleyes and 16 sauger
- June 2, 2015 Last seven times out caught over 100 walleye/sauger
- June 10, 2015 Averaging 12-15 walleye/ sauger each time out since June 2nd.

Financial information

Target Market in the year 2011
- 40 million anglers in the United States spent $42 billion per year on fishing equipment, transportation, lodging and other expenses associated with the sport
- 3 millions Canadians anglers
- Northland Tackle Company sells an est. 25 million jigs per year. (reported by Minnesota Bound by Ron Schara - Kare 11 Extras)
- $1.2 billion spent on artificial lures, flies, line, etc.

- The Flex-Jig will sell for an est. $2.75 - $5.00, depending on jig design (no spinner, beads etc. will sell for less see pictures)
- First year sales will be driven by the number of Flex-Jigs that can be manufacture. The above information confirms the fishing market is healthy and with information from just one tackle company manufacturing 25 million jigs per year is very encouraging to a vision for how many Flex-Jigs can be sold annually.
- A Financial analysis to identify and forecast revenues and earnings generated by the brand using general acceptable accounting principles (GAAP)
- Competitive Benchmarking to determine the competitive strengths and weaknesses of the brand. Identify brand-discount rate that reflects the risks of expected earnings

Outright sale / license with royalties
- Prefer to sell outright; however, open to discuss
- Received patent in April of 2015 has not been previously sold or marketed
- Trademark applied for ("we rig it - you jig it") and will be provided as part of sale.

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