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Teetering Crossbar Elevated Bird Feeder Pole

[Category : - Lawn and Garden]
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It's a pole for bird feeders and or hummingbird feeders. It is designed so that the feeders are lowered by the bar that it is attached through a teetering motion. The main pole is tall so that it is harder for creatures to get to the feeders. The teetering motion is used because it will not wear out like some other devices designed to lower and raise the feeders.

A bird feeder pole that is functional and decorative. A pole with a crossbar near the top, forming the appearance of a cross. The main pole that is vertical and stabilized is higher in elevation, taller than the average bird feeder pole. The crossbar is a non-flexible pipe. The center of the crossbar is attached to the upper part of the main pole. The crossbar has a bird feeder attached to one end. The other end of the crossbar has filament attached. The weight of the bird feeder, empty or full, causes a gravitational pull on that end of the crossbar thus causing the crossbar to naturally teeter. The filament is used to control the ascending and descending of the bird feeder. The filament is connected to the main pole when not in use to stabilize the crossbar so that the crossbar is parallel with the ground.

Provisional Patent Application
Application Number: US 62/179,947

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