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touchscreen remote and means of locating

[Category : - ELECTRONICS]
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Disclosed is a touchscreen remote control device and system having means of locating the remote if misplaced, wherein the remote includes an imbedded receiver ,television control emitter, a signal generator and touchscreen interface. A corresponding television or electronic device includes three modes of locating the remote, including an audible tone alert, a voice messaging alert and a means activating the backlight of the remote touchscreen for low light visualization. The remote is a structure that includes a touchscreen for control purpose and for interfacing with the television, wherein the remote includes rechargeable batteries and a speaker for transmitting the audible locating signal upon request. The present invention relates to improved remote control interfaces and means of locating misplaced remote controls for electronic equipment. More specifically , the present invention pertains to a multifunction remote control device having a touchscreen interface and three mode locating means. It is well known that remote controls are frequently misplaced or lost within a room or even within an entire household when moving form room to room. Such devices are convenience articles that allow remote access and control over a television or similar electronic accessory while seated and positioned a given distance away. The present invention is therefore submitted as an improved device and system of locating and recovering such an article after being misplaced, wherein the accompanying television or television accessory includes three modes and initiating a locating signal therefrom.

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