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Idler skates

[Category : - Ski, snowboarding, skating and skate boarding]
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Idler skates
(Exact title. A method of the enabling drive on roller skates with one roll.)
A method of enabling ride on roller skates with one roll.
The patent allows us to construct with just one roller skating on the boot with intelligent actuator. The manner of holding the balance in such skating involves the creation of each roller artificial axial moment of inertia that counteracts the rapid change in the speed of the roller. This circumstance allows the skater to avoid unintentional rolling the skate out from under the center of gravity of the body. Skater receives support and the ability to ensure the courses equilibrium.
Another feature of the process is the ability to maintain the speed of the new roll, it receives the next time you touch the asphalt. This allows you to quickly gain and extinguish the speed and use familiar techniques of in-line skating. The system provides the recovery for energy when maneuvering a scooter, it is implemented using a processor, a special power circuit, a storage capacitor and battery. One-roller design eliminates the main drawback of roller skates - their braking on a curved path and bring the feeling of their operation to the skating figure skates on the ice. The formula to a method and device for its implementation contains 19 items.
The invention relates to the field of consumer products and can be used as sports equipment for recreation and fitness. The product is high-tech, using a greater share of software and hardware products, is expected to devaysu considerable interest in the global market.

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