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Efficient accurate internal measurements, even with poor eyesight

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A tape measure comprises a housing having a tape outlet opening. A flexible measuring tape is movable between a retracted position in which the measuring tape is substantially disposed within the housing, and an extended position in which at least a portion of the measuring tape extends through the tape outlet opening and linearly outside the housing. The measuring tape has a free end and a pair of longitudinal edges, and the measuring tape has measuring indicia displayed thereon. A magnifying lens is connected to the housing. The magnifying lens overlays the portion of the measuring tape extending outside the housing when the measuring tape is in the extended position. The magnifying lens extends laterally beyond one of the longitudinal edges of the measuring tape. A cross-hair extends across the magnifying lens. The cross-hair is generally perpendicular to the longitudinal edges of the portion of the measuring tape extending outside the housing. The cross-hair is aligned against the measuring indicia.

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