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Relief in Rolls

[Category : - OTHER- Appliances and houseware]
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The design is intended to replace wood details on walls and ceiling for the "do-it-yourself" people. It is a relief in silicone rubber and comes in rolls over wax paper. The silicone rubber has a protective coat and is flexible. The design is attached to the wall with a strong adhesive behind the flat base. The base allows the design to be steady. The design can be in pre-colored silicone rubber, over a transparent silicone rubber base of 1 mm to 3mm thick depending on the size of the design. While the design itself can be 1/8 " thick to 1/2". See the handmade prototype in grey rubber.
It is easy to apply, and easy to cut. It also has pre-made holes for reinforcing nails. It is a green product.
The utility patent is pending and the file # is 14/544,745. Make a licensing offer. Youtube link:

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