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Disinfecting smartphone light

[Category : - Telecommunications]
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A smartphone with an integrated UV-base sanitizer, i.e. with a new function/ app to make disinfection/ sanitizing easier. This incorporated UV light emitter is added to the flash light of a smartphone camera as a separate light. It is sufficient to disinfect a surface at a distance of a few inches (provisional patent number 62/096,944). This function/app will facilitate the elimination of pathogenic bacteria and viruses in food and water, on tables/counters, pots and dishes, cutting-boards, on the floor, children's toys, toothbrushes, gym equipment, shopping cart handles, bathroom door knobs and many other objects that collect harmful bacteria. It will prevent numerous illnesses and deaths caused by contamination. It can be used to tend to cuts, lacerations, wounds, etc. to avoid infections and contribute to regeneration of tissues and speedier wound healing. It is essentially important for the military, for travelers and contractors visiting/serving in other countries, for people who eat out, because it is an UV-based sanitizer incorporated into a smartphone that is carried around by a typical user. The present invention may also be used in tablets, e-readers and other portable electronic devices.
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