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Open Neutral cum Arc Fault Circuit Breaker

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The current patent is of Product in Electrical Switchgear and Protection Category. This product protects from each and every known fault in Electrical Distribution wiring faults, The patent herein is of a device to be connected in 3 phase 4 wire or 3 wire circuit, 2 phase 3 wire circuit and single phase 2 wire circuit. The protection is for the faults listed herein, Open Neutral Condition, Residual Current, Earth Leakage, Phase to Phase short Circuit, phase to neutral short circuit, phase to ground short circuit, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, single phasing, double phase drop out, and arcing fault. Further it provides a drastic change in Tripping unit which consist of Multiple tripping contacts within the trip module. Also it has the capability to give signal on failure of device itself. It can also be used for motor protection with locked rotor protection and after device phase drop out protection. It provides a convenient method to detect faults and give audible and Visible signals to the user. Also the trip settings can be changed by user. It provides an autonomous DC power supply which is required to maintain the tripper to awaken state which gives an advantage to reconnect the tripper on automatically correction of fault, else it provides a Reconnect button to continue the supply after solving the fault by user. The device itself automatically checks for its own system for faults within the device, and if any of the major components fails then it gives an alarm to alert the user. regarding Future technology it can replace the prior distribution system and can be connected to SCADA systems.

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