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[Category : - Camping and Outdoors - Fishing and hunting- Motors]
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Veloplav is a pedal drive for any type of inflatable boat, regardless of its size and material it's made from. There is no need in any changes in the construction of a boat, or requirements of the boat to have rigid bottom or transom.

Veloplav is consisted of pedal block, sitting, and “a leg”. All parts are completely separate while transporting, giving a benefit of carrying a small bag instead of massive kit.
Veloplav is being set in 5 minutes after boat being pumped. Then you can sit down in your favorite boat, press down the pedal, and start driving with the speed up to 12 km/hour (regarding of boat type).
Veloplav allows you to use your own boat as a water bicycle and to travel over long distances with only a leg muscles capacity, holding your hands completely freely. While using Veloplav you don't need neither electricity nor gasoline or any other fuel.
As for today there is no so inexpensive product in the market, as Veloplav. It allows people to transform their own boats into an ecologic bicycle or catamaran, and to use it while fishing, hunting, resting and tourism. Veloplav can be also used as trainer, as a vehicle or as a rent vehicle in business.

Financial information

Has no analogs around the world. It is a pedal drive for
various types of inflatable boats that is driven by legs. The product is
ecological. It can be used while fishing, hunting, tourism, or just as
sport trainer or vehicle, which does not require neither fuel nor

Market is huge: annually, over 350 thousand of inflatable boats are
produced in Russia. Veloplav will occupy own niche on the market, like
bicycles hold their share among other vehicles.

If you are interested, we will be looking forward to start cooperation
under mutually beneficial conditions to promote Veloplav to the market

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