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Youtube Video - Link

Full Patent (totally own any digital graphics surrounding the dartboard for any current and future technologies) - Link

Dartboards are a multi-million dollar industry as the inventors of the first electronic dartboard quickly found out in 1997 when they changed the entire face of the dart world as we knew it. The game of darts is an enormous market world-wide with dart competitions being live broadcast internationally every year. If you go to any dart board website you will see them selling very well for up to $349 and more and NONE of them come close to the technology or graphic features that this board has. The difference between this board and theirs is the same difference between the "land-line" home phone and the invention of the digital cell phone.

Everyone who owns a dartboard today, once they see this, will HAVE to have it because it's the next generation. I’ll wager a guess that Everyone you know right now either has or has had a dartboard in their house, garage or has thrown some darts at the local bar or a friends’ home. There isn't anywhere you can go that there probably isn't a board somewhere. That's what we have a hold of here. The 1st of the NEW AGE of an age-old game.

What Makes This The Best Board Out There?

**DIGI-DARTS DARTBOARD brings darts into the 21ST CENTURY. We have added a patented digital target display ring innovation to replace all of the boards of today. This ring is embedded into an electronic dartboard, replacing the outer number ring of the dartboard (protected by a transparent plastic ring so that darts don’t harm it).

You are no longer stuck with looking at the same old boring numbers but are greeted by HD graphic numbers and all the bells and whistles you want that feature many incredible game enhancing qualities such as;

Full color graphics: using the latest in graphic technology (all inclusive in our patent) you now have a ring that practically jumps off of the board with high definition graphics – the same old numbers are gone

Nearly Unlimited Graphics: whenever you choose a different game on this board, the graphics change (Goodbye Same Old Numbers) with that game.

***Pool - the numbers disappear and are replaced by high-definition graphics of billiard balls
***Dice - Choose a game of dice and dice appear

The games for this board are only limited to what we can imagine and since there are currently over 100 games out there with over 300 different variations to them, you can rest assured that you’ll never get bored with this board.

Animated Digital Graphics: you can choose to leave the graphics for each game in a “static” mode for easy play or spice up your game by choosing a level that will give the game the option of animation either before, after or actually during each game.

*Zen Cricket™ for instance has a time limit on how long you have to throw a dart (depending on the level chosen) to score or the numbers “move” to a different location on the board and the clock starts again. This is a perfect game for increasing eye-hand coordination.

Pool for instance has the animation of the balls moving around the table when you "break" and/or hit your ball much as they do on a real pool table depending on the level chosen.

Racing for instance is a graphic game where the Car is actually moving around the Digital Ring at a given speed and your goal is to “stop” it by scoring on the target it’s currently on.
We are extremely confident that when this board gets manufactured, nearly everyone, if not everyone who currently owns an electronic dartboard will throw theirs out and replace it with ours.

The Customer

EVERYONE who likes darts, pool, football, golf, bowling, dice, soccer, moving their hands, standing, aw heck - Everyone...
Any dart thrower from novice, intermediate to advanced level
Anyone looking to play a fun game with HD graphics
Over 1 million people - statistics from 2012 showing that over 93 million people play darts in the USA alone

Key Features

•HD Digital Graphic Target Ring: replacing the number ring of the electronic dartboard

•Number Randomization: The numbers 1 through 20 can remain static or be moved around on the board with the touch of a button

•Game Enhancement: Play a multitude of games with the graphics to go with it - Pool = billiard balls / Dice = dice / Cards = Cards

•Graphic Animation: depending on the level of game chosen graphics can either remain static or be animated


Financial information

Looking to Sell Licensing Rights and Make Royalties
Looking for partner with capital to get this to market
Market potential of this product is in the Millions

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