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A transmission that saves up to 25% oil consumption!

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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Primus Transmissions, LLC (Primus) has designed the “HP-CVT,” a new continuously variable transmission (CVT) that operates more efficiently, at lower cost and at higher power (torque) than existing automatic transmissions and other current CVTs.

As a result, the HP-CVT can save up to 25% fuel consumption on any kind of vehicle!

The HP-CVT is the world’s first CVT that can be used in vehicles requiring more power than compact cars (the current limit in vehicle size for existing CVT designs).

Fight against climate change.

Everybody agrees that we have to reduce the oil consumption and the pollutants that go with it.

There is no single solution that is going to save the environment and replace crude oil as the most important fuel. It must be a combination of many different kinds of technologies.

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