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Device for Preventing Facial Wrinkles

[Category : - HEALTH]
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A facial massage device is designed to improve blood circulation of the affected areas by providing extra nourishment and oxygen to the skin cells and thus to prevent the development of age-related wrinkles. It may also be used on the ears to stimulate acupuncture points located on the ears, which, according to acupuncture professionals, connect to many internal organs. Prior to using the device, one may choose to apply massage oil, cream, or lotion on their skin.
However, not everyone knows how to perform facial and ear massage easily and safely without causing injury, i.e. to provide just enough mechanical stimulation to the skin without damaging it. My device can make facial/ear massage easier to perform.
My device comprises a plurality of long flexible members (attached to a handle) with roughly spherical or oval tips.A user would then tap their face with the device lightly – to improve circulation in the skin.
The flexible members are 1mm-3mm in diameter and can be made of translucent fishing line, metal wire (which is less flexible), etc. The number of flexible members may vary. They may be of the same length, or of different lengths, and are arranged in a fan.
The spherical or oval tips are made of plastic, or metal or wood or any other material that can provide a smooth surface that does not scratch the skin. Their diameter ranges from 1mm to 10mm. They may be the same size, or vary in size. The spherical or oval tips can also vary in weight.
The handle has a cylindrical shape that fits easily into the human hand. It can have a slight bulge in the middle to make it easier to grasp. The handle is made of translucent or transparent plastic with a smooth surface and it may be painted or decorated with a pattern or an image. It may embed a radio, a chip and speaker for playing recorded music, or a light source for use as a flashlight or for illuminating the flexible members with white, or color, or multicolor light. This invention can be used by everyone in the comfort of their home.
Please review the complete provisional patent filed May 31, 2015 at the USPTO using the number provided: 62168862.

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