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ACOUSTIC SODA POP BOTTLE,it pops and rocks,riffcola

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Methods and devices are disclosed for a gaseous liquid to audibly deform the shape of a closed container. One embodiment includes pushing inward to depress a plurality of deformations integral with an exterior of the plastic container having a bottom, a top, the exterior, and an interior, wherein the top is at least partially opened. Further, the method includes sealing, subsequent to the depressing, the top to close the plastic container. Further still, the method includes pushing outward, subsequent to the sealing, by carbonation from a carbonated liquid contained within the interior, on the plurality of deformations. Yet further, the method includes deforming, by the pushing outward, at least two of the plurality of deformations to displaced positions. The method also includes creating two or more sounds and/or movement by the deforming. In short I invented a plastic bottle for a cola..pepsi carbonated drink.It pops a range of sounds and can rock and roll .ITS THE NEXT " KING OF POPS"

Financial information

sale 100.000 and 5% royalties neg. I like the idea of Riffcola,, new product tied or owned by someone in music industry .Michele Jackson old King of Pop in with the new . A soda company, carbonated drink producer,a bottle manufacturer would be most interested in a new product. The art in the bottle can very,the sounds produce can very from pops to rips .Bottle can also rock or jump.It can reproduce a know riff or most like create a new riff .Would appeal to young to mid age .I believe bottle could be reproduced for same price of plastic bottle on market

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