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Construction Block Sytem

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This block construction system can be made from multiple materials and can be completed with many different finishes for interior and exterior uses. It can be made from cheap recyclable materials making it cost efficient and will be designed for easy construction purposes so no specific skills will be required to use these blocks including many different sizes and styles of the block to accommodate all ages.

The construction system can be used for a wide range of structures from house and home office furniture, exterior walls, doors and windows, swimming pools, festival units and much more.

This system negates the need for any tradesman to complete the construct and requires no other materials to hold it together. The block will be cheap, simple and easy to use meaning so skill set is needed. The system can be made flexible, rigid, solid or hollow to store water and other substances to suit the users needs.

Whereas traditional buildings use multiple materials this system does not need them which therefore reduces costs and carbon footprint.

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