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Steering of a Boat / Yacht by rudder is dependent on the rudder surface area , rudder shaft position relative to surface Ares and with incoming water flow through pressure surfaces of the rudder.
When the vessel moves astern , pressure conditions on the rudder is almost on the contrary. The capability of the rudder decreases
During reverse maneuvers it is impossible to change the shaft position on the conventional rudders. Therefore , the advantages of rudder for ahead returns to disadvantages. In order to remedy this issue , the torque generated on the pressure surface of the rudder should be increased. By this invention reversible rudder , the rudder area is changed by a simple move for ahead and astern maneuvers of the vessel.

Financial information

We are looking for a Company ( in the Marine field ) to license our invention to be manufactured for sale , distribution.

Sale of this innovation is our last consideration, But can be discussed also.

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