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Body brush with anti-cellulite properties

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Originally designed for deep cleaning skin with soapy water, we found that when used as a body brush with soap-less water in either a bath or shower, these thermoformed TPU surfaces unexpectedly provide an inexpensive vibratory BODY-BRUSH with stick/slip behaviour that mimics the pulsations used in popular ANTI-CELLULITE treatments. Conventionally such pulsations are generated and applied with expensive and complex electro-mechanical machines commonly employed in professional beauty salons. Please see Link for pictures and further information on the use of these novel low cost DIY anti-cellulite body brushes.

Also available is a sister Patent US 8,272,801 B2 that claims a Method of making inexpensive folded dart-shape hand held tools originally intended for use as a cosmetic applicators and facial exercise devices, but which can be used with the above vibratory surface as an alternative inexpensive DIY anti-cellulite applicator.

A variety of rubbing surfaces can be mounted on this folded applicator, as illustrated on our web-site. These include a means of applying facial exercise as skin cleaning and conditioning lotions are applied, which exercise offsets aging effects. These low cost folded tools can be made with card or plastics and find applications in many personal and domestic care applications, suitable for single or multiple use.

We hold all rights to the manufacture and sale of these devices in the principle markets of Europe, USA and China. We seek to either license or sell these rights outright.

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Cellulite is unsightly lumpiness of the female thighs and buttocks caused by deposits of fat on the underside of the skin. There is no known permanent cure for cellulite, but mechanical pulsation (vibration) is an accepted method of keeping it in check providing it is regularly applied. Conventionally application is time consuming and very expensive because it is applied by therapists in beauty salons using expensive equipment. Daily application is therefore largely impractical.

These Patents protect low cost devices that provide a DIY alternative treatment that can be applied daily to thighs and buttocks in the bath or shower, The effectiveness of which may initially be inferior to a salon treatment, it will eventually become more effective with regular daily application taking say only 5 to 10 minutes.

Thus the economic gain is realised by regular highly personalised daily application during routine bathing!

The cost of the tools will be a small premium over a conventional body brush.

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