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[Category : - Heating & Cooling]
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I´m the owner of a PROVISIONAL PATENT APPLICATION registered at Portugal. It must be convert to a PTC (Patent Treaty Cooperation) definitive PATENT next two months. It is based at a refrigeration device that works with a magnetic caloric substance that heats adiabaticaly, by means of a radial magnetic field, induced by a a steady current applied at a tube filled partially with mercury ( wich have electric and termic conducting properties), in order create (by a Ampére Law, radial induced magnetic field) a adiabaticaly heat to the mercury substance. This mercury heated substance transmit to, for exemple, nitrogen gas filled at the same tube, in order, by a isochoric process expel the heat and make a new termodinamic cycle. As the cycle works it can work as a refrigerator ( or an air conditioning device). The magnetic caloric devices are making now their market turning point.

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