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DuoWinch, 2 way (on and off) boat trailer winch

[Category : - Camping and Outdoors - Fishing and hunting- Boating]
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The present invention provides a drive mechanism having: (i) first and second rotating components, the rotating components comprising formations on their surfaces, the rotating components being positioned relative to each other such that there is at least some meshing between the formations, and (ii) an elongate flexible load or tension bearing means, wherein the formations are shaped and dimensioned to allow the load or tension bearing means to be interposed between the first and second rotating components such that in use, when the first and/or second rotating components is/are driven, the load or tension bearing means is displaced longitudinally. The drive mechanism may be useful as a winch, tensioning device, conveyer or similar.

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This very compact winch is suitable for mass production as it can be manufactured from injection moulded plastics, and is made from very few components and is not subject to rust or corrosion. This also makes it extremely price competitive to manufacture, with an unequalled service life, because of its inherent strength/durability and being corrosion free.

Can be retrofitted to all new or existing boat trailers (over 12 million in the US alone) and has the advantage of being able to winch a boat both on and off of a trailer (endless loop around an existing rear roller).

Constant gear ratio, as it is not affected by the ever increasing drum diameter when reeling in a conventional winch that makes it progressively harder to wind in.

DuoWinch can be scaled up or down with varying ratio's to suit any application, and is equally suited to slow or high speed operation.

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