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SRAM having separate storage cells and read-write circuit

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Abstract: Static random access memory (SRAM) device having a plurality of storage cells (data cells, figures 2,3) and a separate read-write circuit (figure 3). In an embodiment of the invention each of the plurality of storage cells is connected to a read-write data node of the read-write circuit by a dedicated connection, and an access switch controlled by a word line controlled signal (figures 4-6 and 9) which permits read-write access to the storage cell. Preferably the dedicated connection exhibits a greater capacitance than the read-write data node of the read/write circuit, such that the primary read mechanism of the SRAM is charge equalisation.

SRAMs using the traditional 6T cell are suffering from stability, read and write margin issues as process technologies shrink. This invention overcomes these issues by using a new read mechanism created from a new cell and cell access architecture.

The technology offers improved immunity to transistor variations, better performance with variations present, improved leakage and active power consumption.

A UK patent application is underway and an associated US application is in process but is not yet published. Both are offered for sale or license.

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