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Robotic Motor Records and Plays Back Rotational Motion

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This patent describes a Robotic motor, that records and plays back motion. It can be placed in any robotic application and taught to perform the task at hand. No programming, no electronic controls are required because the robotic motor is fully self contained, and only requires power. rnrnIn the Record mode, You move the motor manually to teach the motor how you want it to perform. In the Playback mode, the motor will repeat the motion it was shown, once or repetitively. See complete patent description below.rnrnAn integrated, closed-loop programmable motor assembly (10) consisting of a bi-directional motor (12), a motor-shaft encoder (24), a rotation decoder (42), a microcontroller (64) and a motor drive circuit (70). In a typical application, the electric motor (12) is first programmed by placing the assembly (10) in a record mode and then rotating the motor shaft (14) to describe a desired motion. The motor shaft (14) can be made to rotate any amount, in any direction, and for any period of time. During the record mode, digital data corresponding to the motor shaft rotation is read from the motor shaft encoder (24) to the rotation decoder (42) and is subsequently stored in the memory circuit of the microcontroller (64). This data is recorded time synchronous, based on the time pulse produced by a time pulse generator (48).; When the assembly (10) is placed in the playback mode, the stored position data is synchronously read by the microcontroller (64) via the rotation decoder (42), and the motor (12) rotates to reproduce the rotational data manually inserted during the record mode.

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