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The LED phytolamp on the solar battery 1, 2, 3

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For the plants growing in room conditions and lacking a sunlight (especially during the winter period) were thought up and for a long time phytolamps are used. The science knows for a long time that from all range of light waves which is possessed by a sunlight, light waves with the wavelength of 400-500 nanometers (blue light) and 600-700 nanometers (red light) are the most important for plants. Blue light promotes process of photosynthesis at a plant and is responsible for development of leaves and growth of a plant. Red light also promotes photosynthesis and is responsible for development of root system, maturing of fruits and blossoming of a plant.rnThere are phytolamps in which the gas-discharge lamps containing vapors of mercury, sodium and xenon to provide plants with light of a blue and/or red range of radiation are used. The following shortcomings are inherent in such lamps: big dimensions, big energy consumption, need of special utilization. Such lamps are generally used for cultivation of large volume of vegetable production for commercial purposes.rnSuch lamps are inconvenient for small house plants!!!rnThus, I had an idea to construct the compact phytolamp on the solar battery which will be to establish once near a plant enough and not to worry any more that the plant doesn't have a sunlight.rnMy phytolamp works at the solar battery. For a battery charging of rather day or artificial light. The phytolamp has a simple design and will have low cost. The top part of the phytolamp is removed from the holder, and for charging of accumulators it can be put in lighter place.rnMore detailed information can be see: Link

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