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Bag It Up / Dustpan with bag and running board

[Category : - Lawn and Garden- Tools- Cleaning devices]
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Bag It Up is the dust pan of the future. It is the dust pan that is more than an ordinary dust pan. You can make it fit your cleaning needs. It can be used as an ordinary dust pan, dust pan with a bag or a dust pan with bag and filters for sieving dirt, sand and etc. It can also be used as a garbage can or as a dust pan holder.
How is this possible. There are filters and flaps that can be attached to the front and back. of the dustpan that can make this possible. There is a bag holder that can be attached to the back of the dustpan to keep the bag stable for outside usage. You can attached the bagholder to the front of the dust pan to make it vertical to use as a garbage container. There is a running board that can be attached to the back of the dustpan that can hold heavy bag as you clean.
Filters and flaps
The dust pan can be used with or without the flap. The flap can be locked in the back of the dustpan to block the debris from falling through. When using a bag the flap can be unlocked to allow the debris to fall into the bag. The bag can also be used without the flap.
The filters can be attached to the front and or back of the dustpan to filter horizontally or vertically.
I have a great invention that I feel any person of any age can and will want to use. I have limited experience/knowledge with manufacturing or reproducing. However, I know what people would want to use.
I need someone who can lead and finance this product. With your help and finance, we can make this a profitable experience. I am open to a buyout and royalties.

frame attaches to a rear of said dustpan. The dustpan includes a plurality of interchangeable filters that can attach to a front opening and/or rear opening in order to sift or filter out debris swept into and through said dustpan. The garbage bag supporting frame attaches onto opposing exterior surfaces of said dustpan. Both the garbage bag supporting frame and the dustpan include running boards that attach there under, and which enable mobilization there to. The running board for use with the garbage bag supporting frame may further include an according-styled cover that extends to cover the garbage bag supporting frame as well as a trash bag contained therein.

Financial information

I would prefer a partner who would finance this venture or I am looking for a buyout with royalties.

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