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Rotating Blade Assembly,

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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A rotating blade assembly provides a multiplicity of rotating blades for shaving. The rotating blades engage a surface, and create a multiplier effect for an enhanced shave. Multiple rotating blades minimize contact between each blade and the skin to extend the life of the blades, and also funnel hair and shaving cream away from the surface. A pair of gear assemblies inside the blade housing rotatably engages to provide smooth rotation for the blades. Openings in the blade housing create a space for the blades to extend out of, an opening for water to pass through during cleaning and usage, and an opening for the hair and shaving cream to pass through. A shaft locks the gear assembly to prevent rotation for more precise shaving of side burns, mustaches, and goatees. A hollow handle with an opening at the end allows residue to pass through during cleaning and usage.

Financial information

I'm looking for someone to either buy me out or invest in manufacturing mass production on the bladerunner to be distributed world wide. I project it will make a lot of sales in years to come. Any takers?if there is I would like to have royalty check every year upon sales or maybe a chance to work or run the plant where there razor is made.

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