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Traffic Collision Cover Faster traffic flow at freeway accidents!

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A Traffic Collision Cover restricts the view of physical damage to one or more vehicles involved in a traffic accident to passing motorists and pedestrians who may slow down and obstruct traffic while observing an accident scene. By quickly covering the damage done to one or more vehicles with one or more fire retardant tarps with magnets along its edges, which holds each white tarp to the vehicle, the amount of time motorists spend rubbernecking the accident is anticipated to be reduced. As a result, this helps prevent traffic congestion by increasing traffic flow at accident scenes. The top three advantages of the Traffic Collision Cover are: 1. By hiding vehicle damage from the public view, traffic flows faster past an accident scene. 2. This allows additional emergency vehicles to reach and clear the accident scene quicker, which reduces the chance of emergency personnel being involved in secondary accidents. 3. This invention is significantly smaller, takes up less space, and is lightweight. Considering gas prices, idle time in vehicles due to an accident, and risk to emergency personnel, this invention PAYS FOR ITSELF on its first use. For more information, please visit: Link

Financial information

Would like to get the Traffic Collision Cover in use across the USA!

Open to sale, royalties, or other forms of partnership.

The market potential is great! For example in California alone, we envision every highway patrol vehicle having two Traffic Collision Covers for their use.

This is an easy and inexpensive product to produce.

The Cover pays for itself on the first use when considering the cost of gas for motorists and their additional time spent on a freeway due to an accident. One of the stated goals of the Highway Patrol at an accident scene is to improve traffic flow at an accident scene.

For more information, our website is found at Link

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