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A pneumatic vice for automatic metalworking without hydraulic force amplifier comprising; a body box (1) where two screw spindles (17, 18a) are parallel mounted by bearings, a clamping lever (30a) mounted on the screw spindles by two nut (29, 32) with bearing journal, a drive motor (13) and two timing pulleys (65, 70) to move clamping lever (30a) which main fork-end with an swivel able upright (36, 37, 38) carry the movable jaw (15), a pneumatic cylinder (14) with two-part piston (78) mounted by a rotary push flange (79) on the end of screw spindle (18), four support roller (60) against the fastening plane (3) to resist bending moment from clamping force, two horizontal joint screws (42) which correct position of gripping list (44) and a fixed jaw (16). The drive motor move work piece against the fixed jaw and the pneumatic cylinder make the clamping force by moving the screw spindle (18a). An external pneumatic clamp move the work piece in Y-direction against studs (4 or 5) which have 35 alternatives places on the body deck (2).

At fully automated operating is this clamping tool controlled by a handling/tending robot, which with main gripper move the work piece, and by suited gripper can adjust and move the y-direction clamp device, instead for manually operating with DeStaGo-clamp (6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11). The robot can also by a suited gripper move the y-direction stoppers (4 or 5) to an another place for a new work piece.
The both y-direction locating tool equipment is designed but not showed in this patent. These required y-direction devices belongs to this patent trade.
This pneumatic clamping tool is universal concerning to size and form of work piece by using grinded interior support on the z(0) surface and changeable alternatives jaws (fixed and moving one).
This pneumatic clamping tool solution is a worthy of consideration compared with zero-point system, which include advanced moving and locating equipment of pallets and hydraulic components (pump, valves etc.).

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