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Retractable Computer Monitor with Dual Display Capability

[Category : - Computers and computer accessories ]
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One of the major computer monitor issues is the large space that gets occupied by the physical body of the monitor. The space that usually gets occupied by conventional monitors is not only horizontal but also vertical where vision is obstructed in many cases, especially in office setups where the office table is located between the office host and guests. Moreover, another major issue of conventional monitors is having only one side of the monitor active, and this creates difficulties when sharing the screen is needed among multiple people in the office space.rnThis invention is about a computer screen that gets retracted, or rolled in, in a docking station. When the screen is needed, it gets rolled out from the docking station. This invention also provides another very practical feature, the front and back display. In many instances, the office host might want to display something on the screen for a guest. This feature is ideal in this situation. rnIt is important to mention that the invention is implementable with little or even no R&D cost.rnrnApplications:rn- Office Computer Monitors: that get out-of-the-way when not needed. Also, they can show dual display (front and back) for practical discussions and demonstrations, especially when the monitor is placed in a traditional manner, between the office host and guest.rn- Physician Offices: to practically show patient education materials on the back screen, and also for patients to see what is being documented while physicians and nurses are entering data in the computer. This is very important for the implementation of what is now known as "Patient Engagement" in the healthcare process, a new approach in healthcare that is gaining a lot of attention and implementation.rn- Hospitals: for automatic sterilization, as the monitor will roll-in and then roll-out, passing the monitor screen through a sterilization material. Monitors are know to be a source of infection in hospitals, due to frequent touching by clinicians for pointing out findings. JACHO require the frequent sterilization of computers, including monitors, but many hospitals have issues with this because housekeepers are afraid to apply too much alcohol and damage the monitors. This issue does not exist in this invention. In addition, the screen can be folded when unused, and this provides the ability to hide the screen, which is a safety feature in typically crowded areas such as Intensive Care Units (ICUs) or Operating Rooms (ORs). An additional feature of the screen is the flexibility property. This makes the screen more safe when it get hit by a healthcare worker or a patient. This is again an important feature in busy areas in healthcare organizations.rn- Training labs, where instructors can see and guide trainees by looking at the back display of the monitor.rn- Hotels Reception Counters and Retailer Cash Registers: to show customers the bill and also show some materials about the products and services.rnrnCompanies that might be interested in this invention:rn- Applern- HPrn- Acerrn- Dellrn- Toshibarn- Samsungrn- LGrn- ASUSrn- Gatewayrn- NECrn- Philipsrn- Sharprn- Sonyrn- ViewSonicrn- 3MrnrnMore illustration pictures can be provided. rn

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