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A steering and suspension mechanism for a motorbike, scooter, bicycle, skateboard or other two wheeled, in-line, vehicle, incorporating a steering axis rake that is inclined to the vertical, in a direction that is upwards and forwards from the ground in the normal direction of travel, together with a trailing radial arm suspension, in combination.

copy paste this video link into your web browser:-

Its a low weight, low drag, low centre of gravity concept motorbike. Those things give it good performance and good fuel efficiency - at the same time. And as I hoped to demonstrate in the video, it handles. And yes I know it only has small wheels.

I made it in my garage last year just to see if the steering worked. It's just a prototype. It'll do 80 mpg, 80 mph and weighs 80 kg with a 160 cc single cylinder engine. Most 125s weigh over 120 kg, and because they are taller, there's a lot more drag. Of coarse with small wheels the unsprung mass is small here too. It's the mini cooper of the bike world.

I've separated the steering from the suspension so there's no bump steer, and there's no chance of stiction in the forks cos there's no forks. There's nothing complicated here really. Its just a trailing link on a big pivot. Some hub centre designs have limited steering lock or touch the ground at extreme lean angles. But the steering lock here is about 45 degrees each way - good ground clearance too.

The steering head leans backwards compared with a normal bike so it self centres in a straight line and steers the same way you lean. If you sit on the bike at stand still, the steering naturally points forward. On a normal bike it tends to steer fully to one side so the trail needs to be bigger to compensate, but that makes the steering heavier. It's much more stable than it should be for a bike this size. There's a push rod on the front brake calliper to give it anti-dive without locking up the suspension.

I haven't crashed yet, but I guess its better to hit inanimate objects feet first - and there's not far to fall if you drop it!

check these out too. Link .....and Link and Link The steering uses the same idea. The front wheel self centres and it steers the way you lean. This is why it is much more stable at speed than a bike with such little wheels should be. Link

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