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golf club

[Category : - Golf]
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My invention has patent protection, it is new,innovative and gives an outstanding result when making a golf shot.
It is protected in many different shapes related to it and many different materials also dimensions along with it being manufactured as one with the club (integral).
The results are amazing and my invention simplifies the golf shot, is less stressful, more enjoyable and will make you not want to use the traditional golf club once you use my handle replacement, it is not an attachment but a replacement, the golf club has been upgraded in all the wrong areas and the club was designed wrongly and once my product goes to market it will eliminate all the traditional clubs on the market unless the patent is purchased first for the right price, i am from Limerick, Ireland playing golf with an open mind for twenty years leading to my invention it is not the player but the club.

Financial information

I am seeking an outright sale of my invention, the market potential is global.

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