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Advertisement Delivery Method

[Category : - Advertising methods]
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· What your invention is about:

o The invention relates to the area of Apps, advertisement and communication between users, specifically in relation to user operated devices such as mobile phones. The invention discloses a method for providing a multimedia message to a user, where the content of the message is selected based on a profile for the user. The message, for example being an advertising message, is provided before initiating communication between the users.

· What problem it solves:

o Prior-art solutions for advertisement in Apps greatly affects the user experience, often imposing an unwanted delay. In comparison, the invention uses the available time slots during normal communication between users. Instant delivery of the advertisement message is achieved by pre-loading the message onto the mobile phone.

· What is the benefit comparing the existing technologies:

o The invention maximizes the advertisement time available, while at the same time improving the user experience. In addition, the message provided to the user may be specifically selected to match the profile of the user.

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