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Smart surfing suit

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A smart surfing suit includes an elastic garment which is impermeable to water, a reservoir to provide drinking fluid to a surfer via a flexible tube, protective pads, interior pockets, and exterior sealable pockets. The reservoir has internal vertical channels connected at the bottom by a horizontal channel. In an embodiment, light reflectors are attached to the garment to help identify the surfer in a rescue operation. In various embodiments, the suit covers the hands and legs of the surfer and is made of different colored materials.

Financial information

This is a unique innovative commercial product for Surfers in Ocean waves. The Smart Surfing Suit (SSS) is helping Surfers to enjoy longer time surfing in the water by providing them with supply of fluid (water, anti-thrust fluid or alike,..) also provide safety features to secure personal property of Surfer while surfing in the ocean away from losses or theft, the surfer can listen to music while surfing. It proved features for rescue while surfing in emergency situation. Other features can be also accommodated.

The historical sales revenue in the past for wet suite in the United States only is around $200M. Annually. This new innovative SSS can sooner capture more than 50% of the market once it is readily available. The current Wet Suit sells for $100 to $400.

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