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[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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The invention relates to a piezoelectric crystal lattice embedded in a tyre, meant to produce electric energy during the running of a tyre on the roadway and to the use thereof. According to the invention, the lattice comprises some piezoelectric crystals (1) placed on the tyre tubing (2), after removing the worn out running surface with a new running surface (3) by recaping.; According to the invention, the use of the lattice consists in catching the electric current produced by the deformation of said crystals (1) which contact, by the rotation, the running surface (3) and transfer it to the battery of the vehicle by means of an element (4) secured to the rim by means of some studs placed in the seats (5), the resulting electrical current being directed by means of voltage cables (9 and 10) to an element (6) fixed to the element (4) by means of a bearing located in the recess (7) which is secured with a lock placed in the seat (8), the packing between the elements (4 and 6) being made by means of a rotary sealing ring (11) located between them.

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