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[Category : - Golf]
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A vibrating grip assembly for providing a sensory response to excess gripping pressure on a golf club. The vibrating grip assembly comprises a grip body, defined by a rubber cover and a vibrating transducer, and a removable battery compartment. The vibrating grip assembly is configured to be placed around the gripping area of a golf club, replacing the conventional grip on a golf club. In operation, when manual pressure which exceeds a predetermined threshold is exerted in a compressing direction on the rubber cover, the vibrating transducer uses a integrated sensor to convert the mechanical
energy from the manual pressure into
electrical energy and an integrated actuator to accept the electrical energy and product vibration.; This action results in the vibrating grip assembly vibrating in a user.
This is a golf grip that teaches golfers the right grip presure! There's nothing like this on the market. I believe this will help millions of golfers improve there game!!

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