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Scalable expandable rotojet rotating spray jet printhead

[Category : - Advertising methods]
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A scalable expandable spray ink printer machine for use with paper roll stock is disclosed. A series of three or four print heads are place serially in proximity to paper stock. The configuration of the cylindrical print head allows the heads to be expanded for printing on wider paper stock. The print heads include a combination of fixed, turning and sliding components to align or block ink flow from the print ink reservoir. The printer is in fixed position perpendicular to the travel direction and rotates internally on an axis parallel to the paper or media to be printed. The print head is sectional and lengthwise expandable in fixed unit lengths. The printing machine is ideally suited for advertising or other elongated print media. Due to the use of standard paper, roll stock and speed of the printing, signs can be printed on demand and displayed in real-time.

Financial information

The RotoJet Scalable Printer
The RotoJet Scalable Printer is currently in the product development stage and will greatly affect the Digital Electronic Display (DED) Billboard industry. The RotoJet Scalable Printer is an energy conserving and efficient device that can provide most of the benefits of a LED/DED billboard, at 1/5th of the cost of construction and less than 1/8th the cost of operation.
The RotoJet Scalable Printer system consists of a vertically mounted three-color plus black ink jet printer, a supply spindle loaded with printable material and an empty take-up spindle. The arrangement is similar to that of a 35mm film camera. The supply spindle and the printer are at one end of the billboard and the take-up spindle is at the other end.
The printable material is pulled from the supply spindle, through the stationary printer, into an input buffer area behind the billboard face. As the printable material passes through the printer, the image is printed on to it. When enough material to cover the entire front of the billboard has passed through the printer, the printing stops. Next, the newly printed material is pulled from the input buffer area and onto the front of the billboard. This is done as the material already on the front of the billboard, is moved to an output buffer area behind the face of the billboard. This places the newly printed image onto the front of the billboard. The material already in the output buffer is rolled onto the take-up spindle.
Since the old material is saved in a buffer area or rolled up on the take-up spindle, it can easily be placed back onto the front of the billboard by simply reversing the take-up and supply spindles. In this way, several images can be individually sequenced onto the face of the billboard without the need to reprint them.

Comparing the two approaches

LED/DED Billboard
Printer/DED Billboard
Installation Cost:
Energy Used / Monthly Cost:
30,000KwH / $3,600
750KwH / $91 (solar powered)
New image generation time:
0.250 seconds
120 seconds
Image transition time:
0.05 seconds
3 to 4 seconds
Spot displayed duty cycle:
8/10 Secs. ON 52/50 Secs. OFF
3/5 Mins. ON 57/55 Mins. OFF
Spots available each month:
Required maintenance cycle:
Inspection: 1 per year
Media change: 6 to 9 months
Data Communication:
Wireless Modem
Wireless Modem
Image verification:
External video camera
Integral print sensor
Cost: 5 Years @ 6.5% + Energy
$4,892 + $3,600 = $8,492
$979 + $91 = $1,070
Monthly Rent Rate:
Monthly Rental Income:
7 spots/month = $17,500
12 spots/month = $9,600
Monthly Gross Profit:
$17,500 - $8,492 = $9,008
$9,600 - $1,070 = $8,530

While the Printer/DED billboard is not an exact replacement for the LED/DED billboard. It potentially has a better gross monthly profit with the same investment. For the same cost as one (1) LED/DED billboard, you can have five (5) Printer/DED billboards. For the same investment, using 5 Printer/DED billboards makes a potential monthly gross profit of $42,650

instead of one LED/DED billboard at $9,008.

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