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Adjustable, multi task, indistructable golf tee

[Category : - Golf]
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Its common place to break and loose golf tees, especially wood. Even most plastics will fail or get lost.

What I invented is the first of its kind with an adjustable depth and heights with an innovative special anchor system to keep it place after impact. Golfers like to have specific ball heights. and this allows any given height in seconds with adjustments. It is a 3 piece component tee. When durable materials are used it will not break or get misplaced.

prototype tees have been tested, and golfers prefer not to waste time looking for an ejected tee. Tee manufactures prefer they break and get misplaced.

Once the golf green, the anchor end is used to repair ball marks very effectively. thus replacing the need to have a divot tool as well.

presently, these tees have been hand batched using tear and impact resistant urethane. Production runs by injection would be the next step to get it on the market.

As this is a provisional patent, the claims have not been written. My patent attorney can assist in getting this aspect accomplished and change ownership.

Financial information

The market for a tee that will last the entire season and then some. Present golfers using this tee usually wont need to obtain another one. If that appears to be a downside, keep in mind there are millions of golfers breaking and loosing them every day they play!
The use of trees for tees is a waste of a tree. Plastic that breaks is also a pollution factor.

I'm looking for an outright buy to get this to the market place. Time is running out as you know with a provisional patent. There is time to complete to a non provisional. Need be I will do this, but I prefer to let some one else pick it up at its current status.

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