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Active anti rollover system of automobile

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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This invention public a multi-functional rollover judgment system and automatic anti-rollover device which are all belong to vehicle area. The mentioned system at least includes two displacement sensors and ECU which is connected with mentioned sensors correspondingly, and the output device (connected with ECU). The mentioned displacement sensor is distributed by a group of two, and at least one group mentioned displacement sensor is set between the frame and axle symmetrically. The mentioned device includes multi-functional judgment system and its connected actuator, and the mentioned actuator at least includes left actuator and right actuator which are symmetrically set on the frame. Both of the mentioned left actuator and right actuator include a telescopic shaft and the return wheel which is set on the outside of telescopic shaft.; The invention can prevent the rollover accident from happening in any condition and have wide application range & high accuracy.

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