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Peripheral Tunnels Propeller

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Hyper Axial Flow Wheel, since it confines the fluid moved on a chamber which walls keeps an perfect circular cross section shape relative to the rotational axis, so only the axial part of the movement is transfered and only a minimal portion of centrifugal movement is transfered by friction..

This propeller has as unexpected property (originally intended as noise abatement solution, which does excellent) which can move fluids without induce centrifugal movement neither turbulence on it.

This special characteristic (which I name hyper axial action) allow new possibilities specially on pumps requiring minimal induced turbulence, feature specially important on applications as Rocket Engines (replacing the HP pumps), also its possible this technology to be applicable to move or assist fluid displacement on living beings since this solution actually doesn't liquefy the fluids or centrifugate it.

Rocket engines (kinda rocketdyne) benefits from an better control on the fluids being injected to the combustion chamber (lower or no turbulence at all), also (assuming the solution is to heavy to takeoff) provides an "standard model" over conventional pumps which helps to "fine-tune" the combustion chamber.

For Health Industry also is very important to move biological fluids without liquefying it (as on heart assistance devices), this propeller (or wheel as you lake to name it) is so special so fluids keeps the same organization they have before being accelerated.

I'm looking for partners related to High Pressure Pumps on rocket engines and on the Health Industry on applications similar to artificial hearts, Mi purpose is to license it on those areas, I can provide special CAD tools required to generate 3D models (.stl) required for 3D printing or CNC manufacturing.

Financial information

Looking for licensor-partner ( I'll not involved on production or further research).

Licensor should provide a lump sum (as royalties advance), as well as a reasonable royalties, should demonstrate to be capable to actually make and mass produce the device (being a true practicing entities).

Exclusive license is available, of course previous conditions should be meet by potential licensor..

Licensor includes Patent '324 and related follow on applications.

Yet I'm Only interested to license it for High Pressure Rocket Pumps market and Medical Applications, other markets as Marine Propellers, Fans, Vacuum Wheels will be licensed later, notwithstanding proposals are considered if comes from industrial leaders on the market targeted and of course are backed by an solid economic compensation.

I'm a foreigner not US resident (venzuelan) so I'm available to discuss Joint Ventures registered on a 3rd country with special tax regime. .

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