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Wheelie Bin Cover

[Category : - Appliances and houseware- CONSTRUCTION HOME IMPROVEMENT- Lawn and Garden]
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This invention relates to a removable wheelie bin cover. For which a GB Patent has been granted. Patent Number GB2476047

Wheelie bins are quite large and unsightly. Most people now have at least two or three and many people are not able to hide them in a rear garden, which means that they take up a large amount of space at the front of people’s houses or in their front gardens. The look of previously well-kept and pretty front and rear gardens is often ruined by the garish appearance of large wheelie bins. For people with small front gardens and no outdoor access to the rear this is a particular problem. The current antipathy towards the wheelie
bin has, in some areas in the UK resulted in anti-wheelie bin demonstrations and marches by residents.

To overcome the unsightly appearance of the wheelie bins/bins the present invention proposes an appropriately shaped fixture of a suitably appropriate size to which flexible plastic trailing simulated plants/flowers are either fixed by a sealant/adhesive or staples and such like or attached by hooks, rings or other alternative appropriate method which enables the flexible plants to be moved to the side to enable the wheelie bin lid to open and close without obstruction. The flexible trailing simulated plants drape over the bin lid and down the sides of the wheelie bin giving the bin the appearance of a large trailing flowerpot. The base of the container is fitted to the bin lid by a method, which enables it to be easily detached from the bin lid on bin collection days such as by use of hook and loop or another appropriate method. On bin collection days the container with the ivy attached is easily removed then replaced as easily when the bin has been emptied.

As well as disguising unsightly wheelie bins, the wheelie bin cover can also be used to diguise compost bins, etc, and even brighten up existing wheelie bin shed devices.

Picture 1 - Prototye using yellow and white daisy trails.
Picture 2 - Bin lid being opened with cover attached.
Picture 3 - Prototype using red and white rose trails.
Picture 4 - Picture 5 - Jpeg mock up of 1 of website addresses included in sale.
Picture 5 - Prototypes of base unit .Top image made of plastic. Lower image metal.

Financial information

The patent owner is looking for an outright sale or a license arrangement with royalties. I am looking in the region of £200,000 plus licensing royalties.. Or a higher offer for an outright sale.

The patent owner has not until this date attempted to market the patent or invention/product due to family health commitments.

This invention has huge potential for sales worldwide as wheelie bins are now uniform throughout Europe, the USA, Australia etc.

The product is inexpensive to produce and lightweight for packaging..

Two prototypes of the base unit have been produced. The latest is made of lightweight plastic and attaches to the bin by means of durable hook and loop (velcro)..It is inexpensive to reproduce.. Engineering drawings are available. This particular prototype could be modified and simplified easily to a much greater degree..

The attachable artificial trailing ivy/ flowers in a variety of colours which are 75% recyclable can be sourced from China easily and at a cost effective price

Costings for one unit including the base would be around £1o and £15 depending on whether the trails included flowers or where plain ivy. If larger amounts were ordered this cost would reduced considerably. This costing assumes tooling of the base has been completed.

We envisaged the sale price to be around £20 - £35 per unit. depending on the type of flowers attached to the trails. However if large amounts were produced this could again be reduced. considerably.

The artificial detachable trails are fully machine washable and highly durable. They are flexible and shrink wrap into small flat packages for ease of display packaging and transport.

Research has been conducted by Lancaster University which suggests that this invention would be popular with householders.

As well as disguising unsightly wheelie bins, the wheelie bin cover can also be used to diguise compost bins, etc, and even brighten up existing wheelie bin shed devices.

The sale or license agreement comes with the option of two unused web addresses, which were set up with a view to possibly calling the product 'Bloomin Bins'. These are and, should a buyer wish to take up this option. The website image available is merely a jpeg mockup.

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